Our  Different Investment Options

 Hallmark Finance Treasury Note

The Hallmark Finance Treasury Note, is the ultimate investment plan. This is a tenor-based account which offers highly competitive interest rates for individuals .It is targeted towards self-employed, working class individuals, small and medium scale businesses that are tired of meagre interest on their regular business and/or savings account and wish to earn mouthwatering interest rates on their investment.

Investors get to determine their deposit, tenor of investment plan and form of payment. Another important benefit of the Hallmark Finance  TIN is that you can negotiate your desired interest rate on investments above ₦1,000,000 Get on board today and EARN great returns!


  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Interest rates on Deposits over ₦1,000, 000 can be negotiated.
  • Flexible investment opportunities

 Hallmark Finance Earning Plan

The Hallmark Finance Earning Plan – Offers high reward investment plan for low- high income earners who look forward to setting funds aside towards specific goals. (HFEP) is a secure, convenient and rewarding way of getting rewarded on funds invested.

(HFEP) gives you lots of benefits including amazing interest rates, Flexible monthly savings plan, competitive interest rate which ensures profit in your funds and so much more. Planning towards your dream wedding, children’s education, your own house or that vacation of your dreams?  Open a (HFEP) account today and live your dreams!


  • Flexible Monthly Deposit
  • Competitive interest rate which ensures profit on your deposit
  • Investment Account opening starts from ₦20,000 at desired frequency

Hallmark Finance Asset Backed  Note 

The Hallmark Finance Asset Backed Note, (HFAB) is a project finance product designed to give investors an agreed sum for a period based on collateralized cash flows from a specified pool of underlying assets. This product lets you earn higher returns than what is obtainable in the money market with a written agreement to pay back the Placement on installment basis.

Asides generating an attractive rate of interest on a monthly basis, your funds will be paid promptly into your account through a direct debit order from our bank in line with the agreed installments.


  • Highly competitive interest rate compared to other money market instruments
  • Interest rates on investments over ₦5,000,000 for individual account while ₦10,000,000 for corporate account can be negotiated.
  • Freedom of entry and exit.
  • Higher tenor attracts higher interest rate.

Hallmark Finance Promissory  Note 

The Hallmark Finance Promissory Note, (HFPN) is a high yielding investment plan designed for companies and high net worth individuals who have huge funds to invest while reaping unbeatable interest rates on those funds.

With (HFPN), there is an agreement from Hallmark finance to pay HFPN investment account holders back within a specified period of time in installments. Your funds would generate attractive interest rates every month, backed by postdated cheques issued in your favor in line with the agreed installment. The agreed tenor for this plan is 180 days and above.


  • Attractive interest rates on minimum placement of ₦2 Million for individual and ₦5 Million for Corporate investment account.
  • Interest rates on Deposits over ₦2,000, 000 can be negotiated.
  • Flexible investment opportunities
  • Higher tenor attracts higher interest
  • Repayment is guaranteed by issuance of post-dated cheques